gutter and internal vacuuming

External Gutter Vacuuming

Skyvac is the leading provider of this innovative cleaning system.

Using a powerful wet and dry vacuum delivering impressive suction by way of carbon fibre poles with attachments to reach into the gutter (even when necessary breaking up clumped moss or vegetation growth) and clear it safely and without the need of ladders or access equipment.

As standard, we can reach to clear gutters on up to 3 story buildings and where necessary, use rods to clear any blockages to the downpipes. We will consider buildings of up to 4 stories by agreement and after a site visit to risk assess the situation.

We will also happily let you know if we can wash the exterior of the gutters, roof soffits and fascias using our pure water fed pole window cleaning system depending on height and access so please ask.

Internal High Level Vacuuming

Dust and dirt accumulates in all situations but particularly in some commercial environments.

With Skyvac, we can vacuum to heights of up to around 40 feet improving the environment for occupants and reducing potential health issues arising from excessive dust.

Because the vacuuming is done from the safety of the ground, the need for costly access equipment is removed and the likelihood of damage to property and/or injury ts reduced.

Commonly Asked Questions


  • Which areas do you work in? In order to cut down on wasted staff and travel time, we operate generally within about 20 minutes of our base in Langford (about 6 miles south of Bristol Airport). If you're unsure, please contact us and we will confirm whether we can help.
  • Do you needs access to power? Yes. We will need access to a standard domestic power supply.
  • Will you need access to the property? Apart from access to electricity, whether we need access will depend on the type of property and the work we are undertaking. Access will be required for all internal work though so we can liaise with you over a time/day to carry out the works once we have assessed the site.
  • How much do you charge? All internal work will be quoted for on the basis of an estimate of time required. For external gutter vacuuming of buildings of up to 2 stories high, we have a minimum charge of £35 or a price based on £2.50 per linear meter whichever is greater. For higher buildings, please add 20%.
  • How often do I need to have the gutters cleared? This again varies somewhat depending on the surrounding environment e.g. a lot of trees in the immediate vicinity may mean that it's going to need doing more often. As a guide though, we would recommend clearing the gutters once or twice a year.
  • How often would internal high level vacuuming need to be done? This will depend on the environment and individual preference e.g. in a very dusty commercial setting, we would recommend that this is done regularly and that dust is considered as a part of your standard risk assessments. In a normal domestic setting, probably not much more than twice a year.

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