Pressure Washing

Cleaning Drives, Patio's Paving Decking etc.

The results of our Karcher Pressure Washer with T-Racer Surface Cleaner are simply startling at times. Click here to see some pictures of our results!

Paving and Decking can become discolored and extremely slippery at times causing a hazard to the occupants and visitors to the premises.

Regular cleaning not only enhances your enjoyment of your outside spaces but can prolong the lifetime of the surface.

Using our powerful pressure washer with adjustable pressure settings we are able to power clean a variety of surfaces such as wood, stone and concrete.

If desired, we can apply sealant, wood treatment etc. and re-sand and point patio's etc.

Commercial and residential pressure washing services supplied.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Which areas do you work in? In order to cut down on wasted staff and travel time, we operate generally within about 20 minutes of our base in Langford (about 6 miles south of Bristol Airport). If you're unsure, please contact us and we will confirm whether we can help.
  • Will you need access to the house? We will need to access the areas you want the work carried out and we will need access to mains water and a standard domestic electricity supply.
  • How much do you charge? We are happy to provide a quotation after we have seen the property and discussed your requirements.

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