Window Cleaning

Water Fed Pole Systems

We use a van mounted reverse osmosis filtration system which removes dissolved solids from normal water which is then used to clean the windows ensuring that no spots or streaks are left when the water dries. We think the results are outstanding and the only complaints we have had to date center around customers finding that the windows we have cleaned now show up how dirty the insides are.

Spotless cleaning every time!!!

Our standard system will reach the windows on all normal two story buildings and we can by agreement provide a higher reaching pole.

We take health and safety seriously and this system allows the use of ladders to be minimised reducing the risk of damage to your property and of injury to ourselves or others. Our system also has the added advantage of avoiding the use of chemical detergents which can pose a risk to people and animals.

There are some buildings where access is particularly difficult and/or the design of the glazing makes ground based cleaning impossible. We are however very happy to look at a job and if we cannot undertake it, we will tell you so.

Most customers prefer us to clean only the outside of the windows but we are happy to quote for inside as well and for your protection and peace of mind, a criminal records check can be inspected on request.

We are also happy to consider whether we can use this system to wash the external faces of the gutters and the fascia and soffit boards so please feel free to ask us.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Which areas do you work in? In order to cut down on wasted staff and travel time, we operate generally within about 20 minutes of our base in Langford (about 6 miles south of Bristol Airport). If you're unsure, please contact us and we will confirm whether we can help.
  • Will you need access to the house? In the majority of cases, we will not need access but in some locations, access to the rear of the property needs to be through the house or via a locked gate. If this is the case, we can contact you in advance of our visit to tell you when we will be in the area and agree a suitable time with you. 
  • Do you needs access to power or water? No. We carry our own purified water in the vehicle and our pole system is powered by a leisure battery on board the van. Please note however that we may need access to mains water and a standard domestic electricity supply if we are pressure washing or vacuuming your gutters or other high reach areas.
  • How much do you charge? As you will understand, the location, access, size and complexity of buildings vary enormously so this is difficult to answer. As a guide however, window cleaning for a standard 3 bed semi would cost between  £12 and £20. We are happy to provide a quotation after we have seen the property and discussed your requirements.
  • How often do I need to have the windows cleaned? We try to be flexible here to meet your needs. Most customers prefer to have them done around 4 weekly but some prefer 6 or 8 weekly.

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